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Located at the lowest point on earth (427 meters below sea level), the Dead Sea is considered one of the most amazing and richest natural resources on the planet. The Dead Sea, a natural spa with the highest concentrations of minerals, mud and salts found along its banks and deep water, is famous for its curative properties for skin. People worldwide travel to the Dead Sea to alleviate skin conditions.

Dead Sea minerals have been scientifically proven to be essential for maintaining the skin and in accelerating replacement of skin cells (metabolism), and as key components in moisturizers and hydration. The minerals are unquestionably necessary in maintaining a healthy, fresh and youthful appearance. The Dead Sea is a source of healing for patients suffering from such diseases as psoriasis, arthritis, atopic dermatitis (skin asthma), asthma and other skin diseases.

MORE BEAUTY, the leading Dead Sea cosmetics brand, was founded to offer an array of beauty and spa solutions that enhance care and health of the face, body and hair. MORE BEAUTY is a young, dynamic company that manufactures and markets over 120 body care products in Israel and around the world that comply with the strictest European standards and a creed of product and service quality to our customers. MORE BEAUTY products contain active and essential ingredients extracted from natural raw material found in the Dead Sea that are used to create care products that significantly increase moisture in the skin, relaxing the skin and protecting its vitality.

The unique formula in MORE BEAUTY products facilitates the restoration, stability, reinforcement and nourishment of the skin, enriching it with essential moisture. The formula's efficacy is felt from the first application. Use of MORE BEAUTY products replenishes facial and body skin, leaving it soft and pleasant to touch, fresh and youthful.

All products are under strict and controlled regulation of Israel's Ministry of Health, and the Standards Institution. Our factory employs only top scientists and chemists from around the world.

Our body care products are not tested on animals and are manufactured in compliance with the strictest international standards, including GMP and ISO, and do not contain any parabens.

MORE BEAUTY grants you more beautiful grooming and guarantees that you will enjoy its products.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any question, request or comment.


Sincerely, MORE BEAUTY

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